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tray (the work of Benvenuto Cellini), and replaced the

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"Ah, now I am sure of them! You were thinking of those noblehearted women, but for whom Prussia might have fallen. I know it by that proud light in your eye."

tray (the work of Benvenuto Cellini), and replaced the

"The proud light in my eye plays me false, then," she answered. "I had no such grand matter in my mind. To confess the simple truth, I was only thinking how lovely this necklace would be with my blue brocade."

tray (the work of Benvenuto Cellini), and replaced the

"So, so!" exclaimed the rather crestfallen spouse.

tray (the work of Benvenuto Cellini), and replaced the

"But I CAN think of the other, Jasper, and it will add a deeper value to your gift. You remember the incident, do you not, Peter? How when the French were invading Prussia and for lack of means the country was unable to defend itself against the enemy, the women turned the scale by pouring their plate and jewels into the public treasury--"

Aha! thought mynheer as he met his vrouw's kindling glance. The proud light is there now, in earnest.

Peter remarked maliciously that the women had still proved true to their vanity on that occasion, for jewelry they would have. If gold or silver were wanted by the kingdom, they would relinquish it and use iron, but they could not do without their ornaments.

"What of that?" said the vrouw, kindling again. "It is no sin to love beautiful things if you adapt your material to circumstances. All I have to say is, the women saved their country and, indirectly, introduced a very important branch of manufacture. Is not that so, Jasper?"

"Of course it is, sweetheart," said mynheer, "but Peter needs no word of mine to convince him that all the world over women have never been found wanting in their country's hour of trial, though"--(bowing to mevrouw)--"his own country women stand foremost in the records of female patriotism and devotion."