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“Miss Abingdon,” replied Harley, “when the worst

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Someone knocked at the door, opening it at the same time.

“Miss Abingdon,” replied Harley, “when the worst

"Come in," stammered Dame Brinker, hastily trying to hide the watch in her bosom. "Oh, is it you, mynheer! Good day! The father is nearly well, as you see. It's a poor place to greet you in, mynheer, and the dinner not cleared away."

“Miss Abingdon,” replied Harley, “when the worst

Dr. Boekman scarcely noticed the dame's apology. He was evidently in haste.

“Miss Abingdon,” replied Harley, “when the worst

"Ahem!" he exclaimed. "Not needed here, I perceive. The patient is mending fast."

"Well he may, mynheer," cried the dame, "for only last night we found a thousand guilders that's been lost to us these ten years."

"Yes, mynheer," said Raff. "I bid the vrouw tell you, though it's to be held a secret among us, for I see you can keep your lips closed as well as any man."

The doctor scowled. He never liked personal remarks.

"Now, mynheer," continued Raff, "you can take your rightful pay. God knows you have earned it, if bringing such a poor tool back to the world and his family can be called a service. Tell the vrouw what's to pay, mynheer. She will hand out the sum right willingly."